Saturday, May 19, 2012

Simply Soft Hostess Set

I think that Margaret Twohill and I are the only ones who own this set but after this week I think that will change.
Here is a peek.

Quite a few new techniques as well including a Double Dutch Fold (Patty Bombyk), Checked Embossed Backgrounds, Sponging and Masking. Heather Telford has some stunning examples of this technique.

We will also be using the Easy Events Set.

For the box making enthusiasts we will be making Box Cards and Purses.
Herringbone lovers will be moving on to Chevron Patterns.
Lesson dates are May 22, 23, 29 and 30 with the Sunday lesson on June 3.


  1. As usual your samples are truly beautiful. I am looking forward to the lessons. Love Mum. xo

  2. It is hard to choose which card to make first.They are all truely beautiful.Thankyou .

  3. What fun the sponging, so many variations, I have had a most enjoyable time. Love Mum. xo

  4. Thank you Di for such an enjoyable class with these cards. We love learning your techniques and the coffee is awesome too!
    Janelle and Louise