Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Blissful Lesson 30

The focus for lesson 30 will be the stamp sets Bliss and Sweet Summer.
Ruby, Jemima and I were watching You Tube when we came across a lip gloss card video by Slater Dee. Boy, were we excited. I decorated the front and inside with the Sweet Summer set.

Here is another card using the same set.

There are quite a few cards using the Bliss set as well. I will also teach you how to make a Bliss Box.

Dates for this Lesson 30 are March 15, 16, 22, 23 and 27. Let me know if you are interested.
Don't forget that this Sunday (March 13) is Lesson 29.


  1. Who can resist anything to do with lip gloss,Di??? Count me in for this Wednesday please :-)

  2. The girls love the Lip Gloss Card - great for little presents. I cann't decide which one to do on Tuesday.I am looking forward to making the green card with the lace circle. That is a beautiful card. The Bliss Card Box with the butterfly is just elegant.
    See you Tuesday.

  3. This WHOLE lesson is full of beautiful cards. I love the lip gloss card from Wednesday's class,Di, but making a couple of the Bliss cards is what i'm looking forward to. I'm hoping one of them will become a wedding card.

  4. All so beautiful. How can we resist? Mum. xoxo

  5. Imagine the Possibilities Card was so easy to make and it looks just so beautiful.How easy was it to make and add the circular trim.This one is a winner.

  6. Sarah has spent the afternoon converting the lip gloss case into a Easter Egg case. She has punched three circle where the lip gloss goes and widened and shortened the height of the case. They look good.Cathy