Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Mum

As you all know Mum celebrated her 80th birthday on Tuesday. Phillip cooked a fabulous Spinach Slice, Erin, Hamish and the girls supplied a delicious creamy sponge cake and Nathanael and Vanessa supplied a "meat cheese" (tasted like a continental sausage and very yummy). After dinner the girls gave us some much needed dance lessons.

Don't you just love the way Phillip checked out recipes on the net.
Thanks everyone for the great night.


  1. You all look like you were having a great time.Love the photos. With all those smiles and hugs it obvious the love you share.It is these precious times we share with our families that wonderful memories are made.

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  3. OK....starting again.....lovely photos Di, & it looks like everyone had lots of fun, most of all the Birthday Girl <3