Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunny Fun Lesson 50

I thought that if I used this stamp set we might actually see some sun. I hope that you have all survived the recent bout of bad weather.
Here is a peek of Sunny Fun.

I was inspired by hobbydujour and stampercamper.

We will also be using Spiced Paisley. This is a Zigzag card.

We will revisit the Bagalope, tweaking it to make it sturdier. Inspired by Stampin Ally.

I had seen this cute flower on the Internet (Stampin Ally) but I couldn't find any instructions so I had a play and used a knitting needle to get the shape.

Another box with matching cards but this time we will decorate the envelopes.
Lesson dates are Jan 31, Feb 1, 5, 7 and 8.


  1. Sunny fun sounds & looks wonderful as usual. Really looking forward to some more learning. I wish I had some of your creative juices, I can only copy your great ideas. Love Mum. xo

  2. Sunny fun looks great and I am looking forward to making these cards.Great ideas for birthdays.

  3. Well, the sunny fun cards worked...good to see the sun & some blue sky today. Lots of lovely things to make in this lesson,Di :-) See you on Wednesday.