Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Won't be long now!

I thought I'd send a little post to all of you to let you know that I have almost finished my holiday clean out and I'm going to start creating in the next day or two.

Just before Christmas I was making some great headbands with Stampin' Up fabric. I then went on to sewing Yo-yos and now the wire headband. I'm sorry to say that Phillip is less than impressed with my headband fetish but I love them. I'm so glad that I have been blessed with girly girl granddaughters who look great in a headband. What do you think?

At this stage I intend to start classes on Sunday 15 Jan. Keep an eye on the blog.
Have you noticed a change? I have also spent many productive hours learning more about blogging. What do you think? It's a bit girly I know but before this one it was all black and grungy. I can't decide which one is my favourite. I'll probably change it again tomorrow!!!
Thank you to all of my friends for their beautiful Christmas cards and gifts. I am very blessed to have such good friends.


  1. Girly girls look great.

  2. Lovin' the new look blog Di....suits you really well. Wonderful news that your classes are starting up again...was only thinking about that over the w/e. And, I hope the headbands will be part of the new classes, as they are gorgeous. Have been making & giving away lots of button bracelets & necklaces too,but have made nothing at my desk as you can't SEE the desktop for 'stuff'! That will be a job to do before classes resume. SO-O looking forward to seeing you & catching up with everyone & all the goss! Love, J

  3. Looking forward to the "Girlie " things. Mum. xo

  4. have had withdrawl symptoms with no lessons. I will look forward to creating & enjoying the beautiful samples. Mum. xo