Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Add Ink Sketch Challenge 6

I enjoyed the Paper Pals Challenge so much that I thought I'd give the Just Add Ink Sketch Challenge 6
 a go.

I haven't given this page a title yet. Should I call it Island Girl? Ruby, what do you think?


  1. The Just Add Ink Sketch Challenge 6 is just an outstanding card. I love the red and white even on a baby card,I love it.
    I think it would be extremely appropriate to give the page title Island Girl.Sarah and Laura said Ruby was just so cute.

  2. know and white are my favourite colour combo, especially during footy season :-D But......wa-ay too hot & steamy for red! How about a blue & white combo....ahhhh....I feel a bit cooler already :-D

  3. Yay it worked!! I think Island girl is a great name Mum. I will try and show Ruby tonight if my internet decides it would like to work! Ez xx
    PS: Are you going to make Valentines Cards?

  4. Island Girls are known for their beauty, an appropriate name for Ruby's page. Colours are superb. Love Mumma. x